The Week from Heaven and Hell - Duke SouthardWell, May 10 has come and gone, signifying seven years of waiting for some degree of justice to be served in the murder of Stacey Burns. What are the odds that nothing is ever going to happen to her killer? If I were a betting person, I would, with a great deal of sadness, have to concede that the odds are in favor of the killer only paying for the crime on his or her eternal judgment day. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the initial roaring fire for justice in this case seems to be dying out, replaced by a few embers that flare up now and then. What a pitiable shame if this is what is happening but evidence surely points in that direction.

Two days ago was the seventh anniversary of Stacey’s death. Two days from now, we will observe the twenty-fourth anniversary of the death of our son at age 29. There is no one to blame for his death unless one wants to blame God, which I’ve been tempted to do on occasion. I often wonder if the person to blame for the death of Stacey Burns will still be walking free when the twenty-fourth anniversary of her death rolls around. To me, and I hope I’m not alone in this, it would be a tragedy beyond words. Imagine another seventeen anniversaries passing by without a resolution. The thought is so repugnant that is should not even be mentioned. However, here’s a thought for those who knew and loved Stacey. If you were told that seven years would pass and still no one would be arrested for this crime, wouldn’t that be equally as repugnant to you?

Rest in peace, our dear son, Gary, and you too, Stacey Burns. You both deserved so much better.