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Two Killers

This will be a brief post, followed by another tomorrow regarding those pesky ice dams referred to in the last post.

My question- is it safe to assume that the murderers of Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller had gotten away with murder?

I ask that quite innocently because based on the circumstances (small towns, limited suspects) eleven years seems an inordinate amount of time to pass after the crimes were committed.



2 Responses to Two Killers

  • Mary Darling says:

    Who is Bobbie Miller? I apologize for not knowing about Bobbie. I just watched a program about
    cold cases. Years after the crime others get involved. Oftentimes the murderer is brought to justice. I pray because of your patience and long-standing caring, the same will happen for Stacey. Sincerely, Mary

    • Bobbie Miller was a women who was killed in a town across the lake from where Stacey was killed, about six months later. She actually was a friend of my wife’s. They worked together for a while.
      Someone shot her and her dog as she answered the door bell. Horrific as well but still unsolved all these years later.

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