My apologies for being silent for a few days- was having a wonderful time with our family visiting in Arizona!

Twenty days remain until the fifth anniversary of the death of Stacey Burns is marked by a dreadful return of the grief, the profound sadness, the emptiness, and the nightmarish reality of her loss.

One would have to hope for a return of the frustration and the anger at the fruitless search for her killer. Maybe this anniversary will prod those in a position to do something about the senseless fact that her murderer remains free after five years. I truly believe that there are people who could make a difference in this investigation, whether they be police, family, friends, or members of the community. This blog has raised questions which a few people have answered. Others have contacted me with information they thought might help and, as is well documented, I’ve offered to share my information and research with the police. I’ve appreciated the effort some have taken to shed new light on the investigation and those folks need to know that what you have told me is not forgotten and is documented as well.

Finally, for today, Easter Sunday, when Christians around the world celebrate a joyous occasion and a ray of hope, I would pray for peace for Stacey’s family and a resolution to this devastating and continuing tragedy.

Next post- Who could be Stacey Burns’ “Agent for Justice?” I know of a number of candidates.

Happy Easter, everyone!