After waiting twelve days for responses to my last post, I decided that I should let you know the results of my request.

That post, read by dozens of people, resulted in two responses. Both can be read on my website under the category of “Murder in a Small Town.”

One was from a person who has followed this blog and posted responses on a regular basis but is not one who has been close to the murder case of Stacey Burns. The other is a regular contributor here and has been clearly involved in the case since the first day.

So, here are my conclusions. First, people who were interviewed by the police originally either are not reading this blog or have chosen not to let us know that they have been interviewed again. Second, if anyone was interviewed (or interrogated) early on in the case and they have read this blog, why would they not want to respond and let us know that it is either active  or that they have heard nothing from the authorities?

Third, and I’ve said this before, as we approach the nine and half mark of this terrible tragedy, is it possible that memories of Stacey are now unable to arouse the passion and intensity to demand that someone provide answers as to where this “investigation” is going, and how far has it come since May 10, 2009?

I hesitate to use the cliché used so much today it has become meaningless, but I will anyway.

Where is the outrage that this murderer and too many others in New Hampshire are walking the streets?