According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, a neophyte is, in turn, an amateur, a beginner, a novice. Perhaps, when one reads of a program given by a neophyte, the standard definition would be enough to keep that person from attending that program. After all, who would want to hear what an amateur would have to say on any topic. Experts are what we need. NBC is not going to call in a neophyte to comment on a major murder trial. FOX is not going to call in an amateur to critique the performance of a political figure. The Weather Channel doesn’t call in their resident hurricane neophyte to predict the path of the storm. What is the point of all this? I’m thinking that I should change the name of the program I am offering free to any legitimate group back in New Hampshire in September. Instead of “Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte” I should rename it “Adventures of a True Crime Expert.”

Obviously, this is all in fun because the program describes the transition from novelist to a true crime writer, an entirely different genre. However, when presenting it in New Hampshire, I would be providing any updated information I’ve gleaned about the Stacey Burns murder case as well.

Waiting to hear from anyone out there about a venue in late September!