Today, after ten days, I was notified that my offer to the Wolfeboro Library did not get there because of some sort of e-mail malfunction. Tomorrow, I will be calling them. In the meantime, I still am offering my program, “The Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte,” to any venue during the weekend of September 27-30, 2013. I will be presenting a different program in New Jersey earlier that week and will be coming to NH on Friday, Sept. 27.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the program is NOT about the murder of Stacey Burns. It is about my attempt to write about that horrible crime. That is an important distinction. It is about the process of writing in the true crime genre when most of my experience has been in the fiction genre. I sincerely believe that many people would like to hear about that process and how unexpectedly difficult it has become since I began over two years ago.

So, if the local libraries do not have space in their respective calendars, I would ask anyone if there is a venue during that weekend for me to present what has been received as an effective program on this subject, let me know.

YES! The new edition of A Favor Returned is now available on Amazon and other major on-line outlets as a paperback and as an e-book. I just received my author copies today and am pleased far more than I can say about the design, inside and out, and, of course, the revision which makes the book more powerful than the original. Can you help to sell my goal of 2500 copies? THANKS!