On Saturday, June 13, 2015, I will present my program, Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte, to the Arizona Mystery Writers in Tucson.

This program, originally presented to the Society of Southwestern Authors about two years ago, (photo)SSAProgram 002

details my work on the true crime genre book about the murder of Stacey Burns. The neophyte designation comes from my lack of experience in that particular non-fiction genre. It has been over four and half years since I first traveled to New Hampshire for my initial interviews. Obviously, this work has been a tremendous learning experience and it continues to be as I even had meetings with different, concerned individuals  on my trip to the East Coast two weeks ago.
I look forward to this presentation to a group of professional writers who deal in mysteries all the time. Perhaps some light may be shed on how Stacey Burns’s killer has gotten away with murder for six years and counting.