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Tip Status Update-Stacey Burns Murder

As promised in a previous post, here is the latest update I have received thus far from a “tip” which I submitted in mid-May regarding the murder of Stacey Burns.

I would not feel comfortable releasing any details of the information I submitted as it could possibly jeopardize the “investigative steps being taken” mentioned below.

All involved with the Stacey Burns Investigation (AGs Office, Major Crime Unit, Cold Case Unit) are aware of the ‘Urgent Tip’ information. Since this matter is open and active, tipsters do not receive status updates as to what investigative steps are being taken.”

I guess that well-known saying that “the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine” might be true-especially the “slowly” part.

How long do my readers think I should give it before contacting all the folks mentioned in the tip to see if there’s been follow-up with them?

Happy upcoming Fourth of July!



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