This is not a startling revelation but if one considers the source, it will assume much more credibility.

Two days ago, I had a conversation with a friend of ours from our church here in Arizona. He is a retired homicide detective; actually he headed a state police homicide division. He is familiar with the Stacey Burns murder case only because I have made him aware of it.

The most telling comment he made during our conversation came right at the conclusion. “You know,” he said. “Time is not on your side.” The pronoun “your” could include anyone on the side of wanting to see this case resolved.

Can anyone disagree with this statement as far as the Stacey Burns murder is concerned? His reasoning is so simple. How can the same attention be directed toward the case over five years after the crime? It simply cannot, if for no other reason than sheer numbers. This case was at the forefront on May 11, 2009. Is it still there, consuming large chunks of the investigators’ time or have they moved on to more immediate matters?

Can there be any doubt that a fresh case takes precedence, if only because it has a better chance of being solved?

So, do we tell Stacey Burns, her family, her friends, and her community that time marches on and with it, any chance to bring down a cold-hearted and cowardly killer is vanishing?

No one wants to admit that this might be the truth but most homicide detectives do have a realistic view of the world, including my friend.

We are now more than three months into the six year after Stacey murder. Do you think we are closer to a resolution?