Three months from today, we will observe the sixth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns. Here are just a few random meanderings as that incredibly sad occasion approaches . . .

I wonder why Mr. Burns isn’t more in the forefront of demanding an arrest? Sure, she was divorcing him but still he was married to her for seventeen years and they had five children together.

I wonder if the police will ever get tired of waiting for the killer to walk in and give himself or herself up? It’s been a year and half since an article published in a newspaper here in Arizona mentioned that they were waiting for this to happen.

I wonder how Stacey’s children are doing? Thankfully, it appears they are safe physically but I do think about what they have had to deal with emotionally and only hope they are all OK.

I wonder about the resilience of human beings and their ability to move forward after enormous tragedy? That resilience, I believe, is a precious gift. Otherwise, most people would be in the proverbial dire straights, mentally.

I wonder how a town heals after such a blow to its heart.

There are many more wonderings on my mind, as I’m sure there are on yours. Here’s my last one, and I apologize for being repetitious as I have mentioned this before. I wonder how a human being could possible commit the kind of violence that occurred in Stacey’s murder and not be dragged down by that awful knowledge of what he/she has done and then, most amazing of all to me, continue to waltz through life as if nothing had happened.

Just wondering as the sixth year draws to a conclusion . . .