In the last post, I mentioned that by my count, Stacey Burns made or received 32 phone calls on the day before she was murdered. Comments to that post indicate that thirty two calls would not be unusual for Stacey. It is important to know that my count comes from interviews with people who told me about the calls. For example, according to one interviewee, Stacey’s ex-husband Ed Burns called her numerous times during a relatively short personal conversation on Saturday.

The most important aspect of these calls is not the number but the content. Here, we once again run up against the corroboration issue. Obviously, one person was part of every one of the calls and that person cannot tell us of the substance of the calls. Therefore, the situation is difficult if not impossible to sort out. Which of the widely varying versions of the phone calls might we choose to believe?

Next, we’ll look at the supposed content of some of those calls according to people who participated in them.