As of Thursday morning, the finished manuscript of The Tipping Point, my new novel, is in the hands of a manuscript evaluator. It is expected back in three weeks or less, after which the editing and copy-editing processes will begin.

This is the fourth in the Detective Parke Havenot series. Here is a look at the draft blurb for the back cover.

“When the killer of Linda Philips is brought up for parole after only five years in prison, Detective Parker Havenot is the only spectator at the hearing. He is stunned when the parole board allows Alex Prohl to leave the courtroom as virtually a free man, knowing that revenge against the man who sent him away will be the first thing on his mind. Havenot has been in this situation many times before, but this time is different. he now has an adopted family to worry about. The summer of 1998 will see the Havenot family feeling the subtle threat of a killer lurking in every aspect of their lives until the climatic Labor Day weekend when their adopted teenage son disappears. How will the hardened homicide detective overcome his emotional involvement and think clearly enough to keep Alex Prohl from once again getting away with murder?”

This novel, as with the others in the series, is set in Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Watch for further news as the release gets closer.