For two and a half years, my primary writing project has been Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. (a “working” title) Granted, the rewrite of A Favor Returned interrupted that over the last few months but now that the new version of that novel is out, I’ll be returning to the Stacey Burns project. However, I need some help if that project is going to move forward.

In September, I’ll be in New Jersey giving presentations and book signings. I had hoped that my offer to do the same in New Hampshire would be accepted but so far nothing is scheduled for the four days I’ll be there. Here is where the help comes in. For my research, I need to know the name of the hotel  in Massachusetts where Ed Burns spent the night of May 9-10, 2009. Also for verification of some descriptions, I need to personally see the inside of the Burns house in Wolfeboro.

If anyone could assist with these two items, it would make my trip there worthwhile, even without giving any programs or doing any book signings. One other item would truly make my excursion to New Hampshire worth the expense; that would be an interview with Mr. Brabant.

There is sufficient time for arrangements to be made since I won’t arrive until September 27, 2013. If anyone can assist with making any one or all of these requests happen, I’d be most appreciative. This trip could be a major watershed moment for this project as I struggle with conflicting views from some of my professional writing colleagues, views I’ve mentioned in these blogs before. Some say to go ahead and publish what I have completed already, even without a resolution. Others say to fictionalize the whole story, making it into a novel and allowing my imagination to work on it. Time will tell which direction would prove most judicious. New information would help to make the decision, for certain.