Today, we return to a question which has been asked here before on more than one occasion. First, a review of the facts of the murder of Stacey Burns: She was stabbed multiple times. The murder must have been well planned in advance. It was not a random killing; therefore, the killer was known to her. There must be a hole in the prosecution’s case since there has not been an arrest even though the crime was committed over five years ago. It was, by all measures, a murder carried out by someone overcome¬†with anger and rage. The murderer still walks free. There are other facts about the case that could be mentioned but simply looking at the ones mentioned, a critical question has to be raised.

This is nothing new but it bears repeating: How can anyone in law enforcement say with any certainty that no one else is in danger from this psychopath? I am deliberately using the word psychopath because this person has certainly no moral compass, nothing to guide his behavior, no check and balances as the normal population has. He or she is capable of violence in the extreme and clearly has no conscience.

So, would some please tell me why people who might anger or upset this person are not in danger? Therein lies an answer to a question posed by a reader of this blog. Why are people afraid to speak out? It is a simple answer! There is a psychopathic murderer who just might get upset with what some people might say.