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The New Hampshire Trip

Southard-3aCountry Booksellers of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire outdid themselves in welcoming me to the book signing on Sunday. With a great crowd attending, they supplied refreshments and friendly greetings. My thanks to Karen Baker and her wonderful staff!IMG_0588 (3) The photo shows a few of the attendees at the event. It was nice to be back in New Hampshire where the weather was beautiful and a bit cooler than Arizona! Thanks to all who attended this event!

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  • Molly Ella says:

    Duke – thank you for this book. I am hoping that new information will surface and gain the attention of those who wish to put this case to rest. If not to bring closure to the family; but also alleviate the overwhelming unsettling feeling I believe the town has over it. I know I feel that every time I drive into town; that was never there before this happened. There is a sense of unease, shock, sadness along with the status quo. A village of people who may now lock their doors or whose heart races when unknown noises present themselves. Evil only wins temporarily. May justice prevail.

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