What individual or group do you think is most likely being laughed at by the murderer of Stacey Burns?

Is five years (plus) time enough to say that it is quite possible that this killer will never see the inside of a courtroom, let alone the inside of a jail, or better yet, lie on a gurney in the lethal injection room? Unfortunately, I’d have to say yes.

So, my vote for the most likely group being targeted for ridicule by this psychopath would be the authorities, the ones who are supposed to protect the public from this kind of evil.

My vote for the individual? How about the writer, AKA “true crime neophyte” who has undertaken a project to tell the truth about this horrendous crime but has uncovered only a portion of the story in almost four years and has not succeeded in pressuring the group mentioned above to arrest someone, make some progress, or at least let Stacey’s family and friends know if you are making any progress.

Is it a laughable situation? No, definitely not, but it is to at least one person!