My last blog dealt with the method of entry used by Stacey Burns’ killer to get into the house. That blog triggered some interesting responses which can be read by the general public. If any of these responses are accurate, then the theory for the killer’s entry put forth on the 20/20 television show is wrong. Here is the now quite familiar quandary: Who is most likely to have the most accurate theory about the methodology of the murder of Stacey Burns? Obviously, one person knows exactly how her murder was accomplished. He (or she, as one person indicated) as the killer is certainly not talking. Perhaps the police know how it was accomplished, but as we all know, they are not talking either. So, once again we are left with unproven theory, which also might be defined as speculation and conjecture.

The new draft of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns will contain all of the theories, the speculation, the rumors, the innuendoes, the gossip, the guesswork and, of course, hopefully, the truth. Readers will be given ample opportunity to come to their own conclusions. This may all change if there is finally an arrest, since we will then know the truth. By the way, I believe there really is a single truth and that it will come out. I can’t go along with the philosophers who espouse the theory that the truth lies with those who have the power; therefore the truth changes on a regular basis.