Over the years I’ve been working on writing about the Stacey Burns murder case, at least four sources have indicated that they believed that it was a woman who killed Stacey. A recent conversation resurrected that idea. In two of my “plausible” scenarios, which some of you may remember from previous posts, a woman is the killer.

Also, I’ve been told that my idea that this case is no longer receiving attention from the investigators is erroneous; in fact, there is still an active investigation in progress.

Would anyone out there care to reinforce this idea? If you or anyone you know has been reinterviewed by the police, or if anyone is aware of any activity on this case, I’d be happy to share that information on this blog. (If your permission was given)

It surely would be exciting to know that the Stacey Burns case is not moldering away in a storage box somewhere waiting for the killer to walk into a police station and confess.