Out of the mouths of fictional characters often come significant truths. Here’s one from Michael Connelly’s wonderfully engaging Detective Harry Bosch in The Brass Verdict. He is speaking about the first forty eight hours after a homicide.

“The first forty eight. The chances of clearing a homicide diminish by almost half each day if you don’t solve it in the first forty eight hours.”

In the case of the murder of Stacey Burns, maybe the investigators thought they had it solved in the first forty eight hours, which led to a wide open investigation becoming a narrowly focused, tunnel vision, type of investigation.

If the chances of clearing Stacey’s murder diminished by one-half every day, where does that leave us today, almost six years later? If indeed it was “solved” in the first forty eight, then why hasn’t someone been arrested? If it was not solved in the first forty eight, what are the chances it will ever be solved?

Just wondering . . .