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Okay, is anyone out there happy with the fact that Stacey Burns was stabbed to death in the quaint little New England town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in May of 2009–TEN YEARS AGO?

Next question- is anyone out there happy with the fact that the killer remains at large after TEN YEARS!

In just a couple of months, Stacey Burns will be gone for TEN YEARS!

This is a small town crime with limited suspects and scenarios. My goodness, to my way of thinking, this is an unbelievable and absolutely tragic turn of events.

TEN YEARS! Think about it. How in the world could it become this difficult to find the killer of Stacey Burns?

To the investigators: What exactly are you doing right now to bring this killer to the fate he/she deserves?

To Stacey’s friends, family, and community: same question-what exactly are you doing to bring this killer to the fate he/she deserves?

TEN YEARS- what a sad commentary on our justice system . . .

Duke (and not sorry for the rant…)

3 Responses to TEN YEARS!!

  • Van darling says:

    For Stacey’s sake, don’t give up hope. Ten years is a long time gone with no justice. But Justice will prevail. It’s out there waiting to surface. And I believe, it will surface. Keep plugging away. You have many supporters.

  • jim vittum says:

    I don’t do much anymore, race my toys in her memory, insult the ag on a regular basis and of course, call out Eddie the knife whenever i can. Ten years, wow, long time in purgatory.

    • jmv says:

      N.H. is out of the game,hope lies with the state of Ma. If they can put him away for a while on this “dangerous weapon” charge a civil case could move forward w/o the fear of a massacre.

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