Here is the truth as I see it from my distant home in Arizona. (Some may say my “out-of-touch” home in AZ although I don’t feel that way at all)

So called “Justice” will not be served for Stacey Burns. Twenty years from now, her family will be visiting her grave on the anniversary of her death and lamenting the fact that no one was ever arrested for her death. (Brutal murder has become a cliché in itself and I decided not to use it.)

There are people who could change the future, where her children visit and weep over her grave. These people include police who don’t laugh about possible new information; people who refuse to move on in the face of unspeakable evil; people who refuse to allow the memory of a wonderful, caring, human being to molder in her grave with her physical remains; people in authority who have the courage to move this murder to the forefront of attention; in short, people who care, not just about Stacey Burns but about their own integrity.