In fourth or fifth grade, I’m not sure which, I encountered a rock fight in a vacant lot as I walked from school to my part time job as a clean-up boy at the local movie theater. I knew several participants on either side and I remember thinking how stupid it was for my friends to be throwing rocks at each other.  For whatever reason, I thought I could stop the rock fight by standing in between the warring factions and appealing for reason.  You can guess the outcome. The barrage from both sides left me bloody and demoralized.

As an ordinary citizen, without any power except my vote, this is pretty much how I am feeling about our political process right now. I’m standing in the middle of a juvenile rock fight, looking from one side to the other, and thinking how stupid it is to be trading insults, bemoaning the intractability of the other side, creating fake news reports, and generally wreaking havoc with reason and rationality.

Could you all please stopping tossing boulders and get something accomplished?


To my regular readers, apologies for the rant . . .