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Staecey Burns-Questions

In several of my blogs about my work on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burn, I refer to two questions I would love to ask of thirteen people associated with that horrific crime. It is not difficult to guess who those thirteen might be. Today, I’ll mention three who appeared on the 20/20 show about the murder back in January, 2011. (Yes, it has been over two years since the show that was going to solve the killing was aired!)

Of course, I’d like to ask Ed Burns my two questions as well as his alibi person, Michael Brabant. Jim Vittum is on my list as well, even though he has provided much of the information I have thus far.

So, Ed and Michael and Jim, aren’t you curious what my two questions might be?

In the meantime, notice the offer of a free copy of The Week from Heaven and Hell on my website.


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