Time marches on! Every once in a while, someone asks me to be more specific about my progress on my book about the murder of Stacey Burns. This post will outline where that work stands at this moment for those who are interested.

3rd draft stage- Chapters 1-4, 43 pages- revised, copyedited and polished

1st draft stage-Chapter 4-17, 148 pages- will likely expand to close to 170 pages in future stages

Additional material/scenes not included in the above and still in 1st draft stage-14 pages

Chapters to be written (4)- Killer Is Arrested, Trial, Conviction and Epilogue (after killer is either behind bars for life or dead and the devastating effect this crime has

had over the years on the lives of so many people)  estimated to be another 60 pages, minimum.

It is a work in progress STILL! Who would have guessed that after this long a time, I’d still be waiting for a conclusion.

I also know that some people have information which has not been shared with me. My standing offer remains in effect. Want your side of the story told? Contact me. I’m not hard to find.

A later post will detail the time spent on this project. I sincerely hope that my time spent is less than the detectives working to solve (solve isn’t the right word since they have said they know who the killer is) this case.