As promised in the last post, I will use this blog to keep readers updated on what I know is happening in the Stacey Burns murder investigation.

On Sunday, a gentleman at our church came up to me after the service. He was present when I spoke to the men’s breakfast group about my work on Murder in a Small: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns almost two years ago. He told me about  a horrible (is there any other kind) rape/murder case which had just been solved, TWENTY EIGHT YEARS after the crime was committed. If this same time line were to hold true in the Stacey Burns murder, we’ll have our perpetrator safely behind bars in 2037.

Anyway, here is my update: 1. No one has indicated to me that any people close to the case in Wolfeboro have been interviewed again as the cold case detectives work this crime.

2.  As far as I know, the key folks from the “tip” I sent to the NHSP in May, 2017, have not been interviewed. (If you recall, the police investigators do not like the uninformed of us to get involved and possibly taint or influence the intense, and ongoing, investigation, so I haven’t, yet.)

3.  A regular correspondent, and a very aggressive proponent of justice for Stacey Burns, believes the arrest will happen within a month. We can only hope this person (whom I only know by alias) is correct)

4. Last year, I did a regular countdown to the eighth anniversary of Stacey’s death in the hope it would provide some momentum to the investigation. I won’t be doing that this year as it only adds to the frustration.  I’ll just mention that four months from today will be the ninth anniversary of this crime.

Is there anyone out there who can correct any of the above and is there anyone out there who ever thought that we would reach 2018 without Stacey’s killer being arrested?