As promised, here is a status report on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

1. I have no new information to report, but . . .

2. I apologize if I occasionally whine about people not giving me new information. It is entirely your call .

3. I believe I know who committed this crime but if the information provided to me is not accurate, then I withdraw this statement.

4. I was told  by an “reliable source” that enough evidence existed to arrest someone (who was named to me) with an 85% chance of conviction. ps- That would not be the person I mentioned in # 3.

5. I subscribed to the Granite State News since we moved from NH until January of 2013. Since May, 2012, when the “protest march” on Concord took place, I have not seen a single reference to the Stacey Burns case. I wonder why? In Green Valley, Arizona, which is slightly larger than Wolfeboro/Tuftonboro/Ossipee/Wakefield but not by much, the local paper would have been providing regular updates on a case of this stature.

6. Maybe, just maybe, it is no longer a case of “this stature.” It seems to have fallen into an abyss, floating at the bottom of a continuing bottomless pit of either “open, unsolved,” “cold case,”  or another designation which allows police to effectively stop working on it unless some dramatic turn of events occurs. (In our daily Tucson paper, it’s a rare day when there are less than two murders. Guess how many that is since May 10, 2009 that would be since Staacey Burns was murdered in as vicious a fashion as can be imagined.

7. Finally, in case anyone missed this, I have promised, in writing, that any profits, should my book ever reach a public market, would go to the foundation for the Burns children.

8. I lived in Tuftonboro for forty years and taught in the public schools of the GWRSD and the Conway School District since 1970. Those years were the most memorable of my teaching career. A beloved school nurse in the GWRSD district deserves to have someone come to come forward with the necessary information to put her killer away forever!

Watch this blog tomorrow for some tips on how to make your book “A Tale of Two Books”