As promised on March 5, here are the results of my “questions” blog.

Total people asked to answer two questions-7

Total people responding to request-1  

The Stacey Burns case always returns many more pageviews than does the “Tale of Two Books” so today I’ll include a bit about both.

Two names came up regularly in my research for Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. Today, I’ll add them to the list as they could supply confirming information about several incidents which took place shortly before Stacey’s murder. So, Mark Fitzpatrick and Eric Thor, I’d love to hear from you and to have your version of incidents in which you have been mentioned. As everyone can see from the “scorecard,” thus far the results have not exactly been overwhelming. I will continue to try to get answers, however.

As for A Tale of Two Books, here is a specific example of  “Show, don’t tell” taken from the original A Favor Returned and the new edition of it.

Original: Jennie categorically dismissed the idea, allaying Bob’s fears with her customary self-c0nfidence that she would be fine.

Revision to dialogue: “You’re being silly again!” Jennie teased. “My whole class is moving up to the high school. It’s not like I’ll be alone.”

Of course, this is taken out of context but the revelation of character occurs through her words, not through the author’s description of her words.

Waiting to hear from you, Mark and Eric and the other six.