My many hours (days, months and even years) of work on what I call the Stacey Burns murder project have left me believing in several important truths. Here they are:

I believe the killer of Stacey Burns should be arrested, convicted in a court of law, and sentenced to the fullest extent of that law. (Any arguments there?)

I believe that someone (beside the killer) knows who killed Stacey.

I believe that the investigative authorities think they know who killed Stacey Burns. I further believe that they may be mistaken in that supposed knowledge.

I believe that those who do not know me have misunderstood my purpose in undertaking this project. (See previous blogs where I say if this is book is EVER published, the profits will go to the Burns children.)

I believe that my project, which started out as a search for the simple truth, is at a dead end unless someone has the courage to step forward and answer some very simple questions. (The simple truth?-WHO KILLED STACEY BURNS?)

To date- I’ve named nine people who I’d like to ask two questions each. One has responded. (See previous blog for reasons for this.)  Here are two more!

Jeffrey Strelzin (After almost four years, maybe it is time to release more information as it appears that this investigation is going nowhere!)

Michael Keane (I know you told me that the family is not in favor of a book. The famous 20/20 show doesn’t appear to have accomplished much-aired over two years ago! Maybe a book or the threat of a book might create some movement.)

For my part, I feel good about what I’ve done with one side of the story. I’d surely like to hear the other side.

BTW- Rewrite of A Favor Returned is complete. Now  incorporating the editors’ suggestions. Watch for it. It will be fun!