We returned yesterday from a five week trip, during which my blogs about the Stacey Burns book and the progress on A Favor Returned were sporadic as best. In the next few days, I’ll be updating everyone on each of these projects. For now, in brief fashion, here is what came out of the trip as far as my writing endeavors are concerned.

1. Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns- The observance of the anniversary of her murder came and went while we were traveling. Aside from the expected spate of newspaper articles, the most dramatic development was a television interview on Channel 9 out of Manchester with Michael Burns, Stacey’s twenty year old son. An upcoming blog will be devoted to that public appearance and to a newspaper account of that interview in which, rather surprisingly, Mr. Strelzin called the case an “active” one; therefore, he could have no public statement. (Come on, sir, it has been four years! Please define “active” if you will)

While in New Hampshire, I was able to reinterview two of my initial contacts. New information may or may not be forthcoming from those contacts.

2. A Favor Returned- Proofreading was completed and I now have the proof in hand to examine for hopefully the final time. The process is right on schedule and the new design of both interior and cover is outstanding. While on the trip, I visited the public library in South Jersey where the book is set (fictionally, of course) and there is a strong possibility that I will be doing a program for that library in late fall this year.

Happy to be back!