Please don’t take this title as disrespectful to the memory of a very special person.  In fact, it is just the opposite.

We, her advocates, her friends, her family, her community, cannot allow her to become “old news.”

Any number of my posts over the years regarding this horrible crime received several hundred hits, which meant that a substantial number of people had read them.

The last few, even with provocative titles, have been read by just a hundred and fifty, give or take a few, and often less.

My point? ANYONE who is murdered should never become “old news.”

Please, those of you who would much prefer that her murder had never happened, don’t allow Stacey Burns to become old news. Don’t allow her memory to fade in your rear view mirror.

Here’s an idea- think of a favorite memory you have of her then imagine that the memory never existed. If anyone of us, no matter how close or far away from her we were, simply let her memory fade away, like so much fog on an early morning fall day in Wolfeboro, the disservice we do to her is immeasurable.

I don’t care if it happened yesterday, or nine years ago, she deserves our attention.