Since the last blog, I’ve had two contacts. Neither had answers to my two questions, one concerning exactly where Ed Burns spent Saturday night before Stacey was killed and the other asking if anyone had been reinterviewed within the last six months.

Here are my conclusions: First, those who know the name of the hotel are either not reading the blog, not aware of the blog, or do not care to answer. I’ll confess to being mystified as to the reason why anyone reading the blog who is aware of the name of the hotel would not share it with me, even anonymously. I mean, what is the harm?

The same could be said for the second question. Even a yes or no would be helpful for my purposes. At last count, there were fifty eight page views of that blog. Can I then assume that none of those fifty eight want to answer these simple questions?

One of those who has responded presents a fascinating connection among several murders in New Hampshire, including that of Stacey Burns. It is the opinion of this person that my efforts have been heading in a wrong direction and I should be looking for a much bigger picture than just one murder in one small town. Anyone care to comment?

As always, I encourage all who read this to respond. After all, it is a little more than one month to the FOURTH anniversary of the vicous killing of Stacey Burns. As someone commented on her memorial page, JUSTICE . . .JUSTICE . . . !!

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