Here is the score card so far. I have mentioned by name five people I would like to ask just two questions about the Stacey Burns murder case. These ten questions would be directed primarily at confiirming information which already appears in Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. I have heard from just one of the people thus far. (Jim Vittum)

I can predict that the two who are mentioned in this blog will not respond because of the “open, unsolved” nature of the investigation but I will try anyway. First, Steve Rowland, the original lead detective on the case who is now retired, could put to rest once and for all at least two rumors I have heard from numerous sources. When I spoke with him in  April, 2011, just before his retirement, he could not answer my questions because of the ongoing investigation. Perhaps now, almost two years later, he could answer?  Second, Scott Gilbert, the cold case division detective now “investigating” the case, could easily move some information I have from the speculation/guess category into either the true/not true category by answering just two questions.

So, now I’ve named seven out of the thirteen. One week from now, I’ll provide an update on the scorecard and will share the answers if I have any. In the meantime, I’m always happy to hear from anyone else who might want to exchange information. Yes, I said exchange as I have accumulated quite a bit since I began this project. Does anyone have a question they would like me to answer?