After spending five days of my East Coast trip in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and meeting with a variety of people, I’d like to share a few observations which fall into the “suspicions confirmed” category. As always, feel free to disagree or voice your opinion in this arena. Here they are:

1. The ongoing investigation of the Stacey Burns murder must be really top-secret, as no one with whom I spoke was aware of anyone being re-interviewed by detectives or of any investigative activity occurring in Wolfeboro. I was told by a correspondent several months ago that this investigation was “very active” but was being kept under strict  secret wraps. My suspicion? While it is an “Open, unsolved” case, it would be a stretch to call it active.

2. Theories of who the murderer is continue to flourish, which, in an atmosphere of non-information, is bound to happen. My confirmed suspicion? Nothing has been done to squelch these rumors, innuendos, and speculation so fear continues to exist in the community.

3. A significant number of people believe that this murder will never be solved. Another group believes the murder has been solved but the attorney general’s office is afraid they can’t win the case in court and therefore will not prosecute it. My confirmed suspicion? Some people are convinced that the crime scene or important evidence was compromised; therefore this case will never see a courtroom.

4. A final observation: Human nature being what it is, the intensity of the search for justice (please excuse the “search for justice” cliché) has diminished over the last six years. My suspicion is that crucial details of this case have been lost over time. Memories dim and are skewed by six years of conversation; facts of six years ago now become debatable; key witnesses move away, either physically or emotionally, thereby losing any chance of accurate reconstruction of their stories.

Here is a sad but realistic fact of life. There is a good chance that the murderer of Stacey Burns will never be tried for this crime. If this observation doesn’t infuriate you, nothing ever will.