As far as I can determine, there is no progress in the case of the Stacey Burns murder.  I would love to have someone in authority say publicly that this is not true. I would feel so much better as would many, many others if someone who has official information would come out and say that the case is closer to an arrest than it was five years + ago.

If it isn’t, then maybe they should say that as well.

So, to ANYONE who has any jurisdiction in this case, here is the question: Are you any closer to arresting someone for this murder than you were on May 11, 2009? It could be a simple yes or no answer but if the answer is no, it would seem time to open up a bit in hopes of shaking some new information loose. Even if the answer is yes, there could be some additional information shared.

If this question goes the way of so many other questions I keep raising on this blog, I’ll anticipate a complete and likely stony silence.

Where are all the angry people who are frustrated with the inactivity on this case? From this perspective, the case is suffering from a debilitating apathy and that, to me, represents a crime of grave proportions.

I still contend that the killer or someone who knows the killer reads this blog. Just as surely, I know that the killer is figuring the he or she has gotten away with murder. What a sad commentary on so many levels!