Here’s a thought which I need to pursue, even though my efforts to get any information from authorities has always been met with the “ongoing investigation” or “open, unsolved” or “we can’t jeopardize the case” or you name it.

Is Grand Jury testimony in the public domain? If so, wouldn’t it be interesting to get the transcripts of the Grand Jury’s session with a key witness in the Stacey Burns murder case. If I have the timing of that session correct, it is soon after that a deafening silence fell over the case, with not much heard from anyone of import since. (That is, if you discount the meaningless statements about public safety and the continuing investigation emanating from the NH Attorney General’s Office)

Is anyone else curious about the content of that session? Does it clear someone? Does it indicate a suspect? Does it mean anything at all? Does the lack of any action following it indicate anything?

What is the big secret? Come on, folks! We are approaching the sixth anniversary!

A side note to the investigators of this case, part of  the law enforcement group I admire so much for the work they do- You owe me nothing but you do owe the family, friends, and community of Stacey Burns at least a tiny tidbit of information on your progress to finding her killer.

If that has been supplied, my apologies go out to you. If not, why not?

Eight days to six years!