Was Stacey Burns involved in some nefarious network of police corruption or “key club” or drug culture in the small town of Wolfeboro?

I don’t believe it but many others who obviously know more than I do believe it. Was her connection to Police Commissioner Lowrey instrumental in causing her brutal murder? Who knows, but there are those who believe it.

Theories abound, mostly because the police have not been forthcoming with any information to dissuade those who buy into these theories from believing them.

I do not have a horse in this race, but there are many who do. Why hasn’t this murder of an innocent young mother of five been solved? One has to believe that there are people out there who might have a lot to lose if the case ever came to court.

Playing the role of devil’s advocate, I’m allowed to guess that there are “important” people who would be hurt if the truth ever comes out. As Stacey lies in her grave these seven years, I wonder if she is proud of Wolfeboro, the New Hampshire State Police, the New Hampshire Attorney’s General Office, and all of her friends and family with the efforts put forth to bring her killer into the courtroom.

Somehow, knowing what I’ve learned about this woman, I’m also guessing that she would be ashamed that her death has not been granted some degree of justice.

What a sad commentary on our so-called system of justice . . .

Does anyone agree with this assessment at this moment in time or am I just whistling in the dark?