All right, I know this is supposed to be the time when the blog deals with The Tale of Two Books but a comment on my last blog moves me to respond.

I approved the comment so you¬†should be able to see it. The premise that the Stacey Burns case involves a cover-up and that “higher-ups” are involved is not a new one. That does not mean it should be dismissed, however. In actuality, until there is an arrest of a viable perpetrator, NOTHING should be dismissed. I have contended from the start that this appears to be a classic case of either a botched investigation or tunnel vision resulting in a killer walking free for almost four years!

It only seems logical that if there has not been an arrest in four years, then the authorities should be looking elsewhere for additional evidence or perhaps looking “outside the box” for other possible suspects, unless, of course, they think the know who the killer is. If that is the case, what is he/she doing going on with his/her life?

If you read through the 80 or so blogs I’ve written on this subject, you’ll see that none of this is new and, frankly, something new is what is desperately needed. All blogs are available on my new website. (as is a free download of one of my books)

Next, a specific example of the “show, don’t tell” advice dispensed so regularly by professional writers will appear in teh blog about the Tale of Two Books.