I just looked at the current list of cold cases published by the NHSP. Stacey Burns’s name is on it.

Is my understanding of a cold case correct? That is, there has been nothing new on the case for a year?

If so, I guess that the three separate people who contacted me within the last year about possible “peripheral” suspects in the case don’t count or have been shown to be incorrect.  (I know police interviewed these people)

If this case is now in the cold case category, it seems to me that the family and friends of Stacey along with the general public deserve an explanation, or, at the very least, some communication from the New Hampshire State Police. Maybe this has already happened. If so, my apologies. If not, then why not?

Forget about the “countdown” to the 8th anniversary, now just forty days away. This action takes it out of the “ongoing investigation” stage so nothing is likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

So sorry, Stacey Burns- Your killer must be relieved right about now.