For those who like to keep score, of the eleven people who have been named in this continuing blog, I have heard from one. To refresh everyone’s memory, I’ve requested that these folks answer just two questions each (different questions) so that I can confirm information mentioned in Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

Here are two specific questions which anyone who knows could answer for me.

What is the name of the hotel where Ed Burns spent Saturday night of Mothers’ Day weekend in 2009? (As I’ve mentioned before, I’m certain the police have checked this out thoroughly–hallway videos, parking lots, etc.) but I have not been able to discover exactly where this is.

How many of you out there who were initially interviewed by the police have been reinterviewed within the last six months? (By anyone, including cold case detectives, other state police personnel, local police, reporters) It just seems that the answer to this question would provide a clue about the efforts to find the killer. (Just my opinion!)

Anyone ??? Thanks! I’d love to continue writing this story if anyone could provide new information!