First, I thought followers might be interested in these few sentences from a January 4, 2013 blog post, way back when my writing focus was entirely on the book about the Stacey Burns murder.

(From January 4, 2013) “At this time, Murder in a Small Town; The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns is sorely lacking some details which Stacey’s family could supply to help me to make the story a fair and reasonable portrayal of a wonderful person. I know they are not in favor of this book, but I still contend that just maybe I could help to somehow not let her memory drift away into a cold case file drawer. In my opinion, should that happen, it would be yet another crime against Stacey Burns.”

Obviously since then, more details have been filled in, but I was interested in the last part of this excerpt about not letting her memory drift away into a cold case file drawer. Sadly, I sometimes wonder if her memory is drifting away, not into a literal cold case file drawer, but a figurative one where it becomes harder and harder for some to resurrect all that she meant to so many.

Second, on a more positive note, I just this morning received my author’s proof of The Final Tipping Point, so it is another step closer to publication. I will keep you updated on its progress. I am excited to see my eighth book in print!

Hope everyone had a happy and glorious Fourth of July!