At the risk of offending Stacey’s family and friends, I’m going to post this anyway.  I believe that my description of Gary’s death in the final paragraph of The Week from Heaven and Hell could not compare to having Stacey ripped out of so many lives in such violent fashion but the loss is felt as strongly.

From the final paragraph of The Week from Heaven and Hell :

“The loss of such a worthwhile person in a world that cries out for compassionate people remains a question that I hope and pray I’ll have answered some day. Until then, memories will have to suffice as they will have to suffice for the special people mentioned in this book who have passed on as well. In some inexplicable way, I enjoy a comfortable feeling knowing that there is quite a contingent of people I have known who now know the answer to that mystifying question–WHY?”

To the killer- You had the courage to take Stacey’s life. Do you have the same courage to admit that you did it?

To Stacey’s family- Are you willing to let this go or are you determined to see someone pay for this crime?

To Stacey’s friends- Are you willing to step up and allow some part of the story to be told, a part you have not told before?

To the NH State Police-Are you willing to let a murderer simply walk away because someone, somewhere, tainted evidence?

To the N.H Attorney General’s Office (aka Jeff Strelzin)- Are you willing to let a killer walk the streets in fear of losing a case?

Finally, to the Wolfeboro community- Are you willing to let someone you know get away with murder when you might know something that will bring final justice for a crime that should have been solved years ago?

Just trying to do the right thing . . .