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Stacey and Bobbie- Ever Solved?

I guess I have one immediate question for anyone who might be interested.

Do you honestly believe the murders of Bobbie Miller and Stacey Burns will ever be solved?

And a follow-up question . . .Will they be one of those that twenty or thirty years down the road, someone finally says or does something that turns the case around or some DNA shows up that was missed?

Over eight years ago, when I began writing Murder in a Small Town, I was certain that the Stacey Burns murder would be solved within weeks, if not days.

I’ll admit to being concerned that much of the fervor for a conclusion to that tragedy has dissipated with the passage of so much time, which is only a natural human reaction.

That fact does not make it any less sad or discouraging.

3 Responses to Stacey and Bobbie- Ever Solved?

  • LHicks says:

    Yes, I do believe all mysteries are eventually solved. But knowing who did it may not bring the satisfaction of justice. Sometimes it all comes out after the perpetrator dies.

  • bob damico says:

    Well they had a cold case solved after 40 years in my home town of Tewksbury ma, so I guess anything is possible. Lets just pray they do solve both cases, but the killer or killers should have been in prison all this time that has gone by.
    Just my thoughts
    Bob Damico

  • VITTUM says:

    That’s was my fear, “lost dna” suddenly found that implicates me. After being lied to for 10 years by these pigs i felt anything was possible. Thankfully “Eddie the knife” struck again before that happened, you go Eddie boy, N.H. set you free to stab again. Nice work STRELZIN.

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