When is sorry enough? It is when an tragic event happens and that event was beyond human control. There are untold examples of this. One can’t control the forces of nature. A person struck by lightning, a family killed in a devastating tornado, a sudden storm on a lake overturns a boat, and on and on.

Here is the crux of the matter: when is sorry not enough?

It is not enough when a tragic event was preventable. It is not enough when a person did not buckle his seatbelt; it is not enough when all signs lead to a man or woman capable of stabbing another human being to death are ignored, whether before of after the fact; it is not enough when someone has critical information about the murder of Stacey Burns and chooses not to come forward.

Being sorry is a universal emotion. Addressing and correcting a blatantly evil act requires more than being sorry. It requires courage. Being sorry is easy; being courageous is not.

Just saying . . .