On August 30th, I posted a paraphrased list of questions posed by my audience at “Murder in a Small Town,” a program about my work on a book project about the murder of Stacey Burns in 2009. It may be worth mentioning these questions again, one at a time, to see if anyone out there would care to comment on them.

“Six years and no one has been arrested yet? Someone screwed up.” This observation was made spontaneously by an attendee at the program who followed up by mentioning things like tainted evidence control, a botched interview/investigation process, critical missed evidence, and  “too quick to judgement” issues.

Well, the potential prosecutor of this case has assured the community in a public meeting that he has been satisfied that none of the above is true. It is just interesting that someone unfamiliar with the case would make this observation. The six, going on seven, years since the murder and the “localness” of it were the main reasons for his comments.

Next post: Another question concerning Stacey’s ex-husband raised by a c0mpletely unbiased observer . . .