The phrase, “someone needs to care,” is mentioned in a response to my most recent post.

I believe there are those who care about finding out who killed Stacey Burns. I had a phone call yesterday from someone who lives in Wolfeboro and is upset with the lack of progress in the Stacey Burns murder case. This individual asked a vital question and I’ll paraphrase. What can be done to get some movement on this case?

There are those who have indicated that I am so far away that I am out of touch. This particular person has lived in Wolfeboro for twenty years. He is in touch, although I disagree with those who say I am not. From his perspective and from mine, there is NOTHING being done to solve the killing of Stacey Burns.

I welcome anyone in law enforcement, in Stacey’s family, in Stacey’s circle of friends, in the community at large, to dispute this claim. I sincerely hope that anyone could dispute it because that would mean something is happening. Let’s narrow it down to the last six months.  Has anything of substance in this “ongoing investigation” happened in the last six months? As asked in previous posts, are the police any closer to making an arrest then they were five and half years ago?

Yes; it is unequivocally and undeniably true. Someone needs to care. It can’t just be a citizen who is disappointed that a murder was committed in his community and the murderer walks free. It can’t just be an erstwhile writer trying to keep the case in the public eye. It has to be a united effort to put this cowardly  killer behind bars.

Someone needs to care. Everyone knows that passion for a cause has a limited lifespan. Please don’t let this cause outlive its passionate lifespan.