Maybe we should forget the psychological babble and just tell it as it is. Here are the basic facts. ( in my humble opinion.)

An evil person came into Stacey Burns’ house early in the morning of Mothers’ Day, 2009 with the intent to kill. This person obviously was successful as Stacey Burns is dead. He or she used a method of execution that was as personal as it was vicious.  Five years later, this person continues to walk free and with each passing day, the heinousness of the crime fades in memory. There are those who are waiting for the killer to either come forward or to make a mistake. The investigation is not active because the police believe they know who killed Stacey Burns and are not willing to look at alternatives. Finally, this should not be an unsolved case simply because it is so self-contained. There must be a gaping hole in the prosecutor’s case, a hole that could jeopardize his chances of success in his prosecution of the killer.

If you have an 85% chance of conviction, take it, Mr. Prosecutor, and show how competent you can be. Bring things out in the open. Maybe it will shake something loose. Otherwise, we’ll be looking at this case showing up on a television program twenty five years down the road with anyone still alive wondering where the justice went.

My next post will return to asking questions that no one seems to want to address or even dismiss as ridiculous.