Six years ago today, Stacey Burns was likely thinking about a Mothers’ Day weekend without her three youngest children. According to interviews I’ve conducted with friends and acquaintances, Stacey’s ex-husband (or soon-to-be-officially) Ed insisted on having the three girls and she finally relented. Sometime in the afternoon of Friday, May 8, 2009, Mr. Burns came to the house to pick them up for the weekend. Apparently less than a hour later, he called Stacey’s mother to ask if she could watch the girls for the weekend since he realized that he had a prior commitment. He did not return to Wolfeboro to allow the girls to stay with Stacey for the special weekend. Speculation as to why certainly continues to this day.

Six years ago today, the final weekend in the life of Stacey Burns began. It ended about thirty-six hours after she waved goodbye to her three little girls for the last time. It ended in the most horrible way possible. Yet, after these six years, her killer remains free.

My naïve, trusting nature tells me that the police are still working feverishly to find her killer, as some comments on this blog indicate. My realistic, cynical nature tells me that this killer might be going to live out a full life in freedom and that the entire investigation has lapsed into a reactive mode rather than a proactive one.

What do you think as the final hours to the sixth anniversary close in?