FreeGiveawayThThe Week from Heaven and Hell, shown here on the left, is a self-published book. Or is it? Here is its history. In 2003, Hot House Press, a small traditional publishing house published my second novel, Agent for Justice. In 2005, I submitted The Week from Heaven and Hell to them for publishing consideration. At that time, they did not feel that it fit into their plans. However, they agreed to assist me with its publication through Lightning Source and Ingram. I paid only for the books which I purchased . In 2010, after Hot House Press had closed its doors, I approached Wheatmark Publishing here  in Tucson since I could no longer obtain the books through Lightning Source without Hot House Press sponsorship. I paid Wheatmark for handling the new interior and exterior design and the new edition of the book became available as a publish-on-demand product. So, is this a self-published book?  Next in this brief series will be a look at A Favor Returned and its status as either self-published. (or not)