Ongoing investigation! Open-unsolved! Active! Not a cold case!

We have all heard these expressions over and over again in the four years since Stacey Burns was murdered. I’ve heard them yet again quite recently. Attempts to have a few events, conversations and descriptions corroborated for the purpose of inclusion in a book about the murder bring these phrases to the surface on a regular basis. Anyone in authority has been told by the N.H. Attorney General’s office that no information is to be provided as it could jeopardize (you guessed it!) the ongoing investigation, the open-unsolved case, the active case.

I, for one, am baffled by this, especially given the fact that it appears that the investigative journalists on the 20/20 show which aired over a year and a half ago had some rather specific information. This has been mentioned before but it seems that keeping information from the public has led to some outrageous speculation, damaging rumors and devastating innuendo. For example, if someone who was a suspect has been definitely cleared, why not let the public know that?

More on this subject later . . .