Just back from a wonderful week long cruise to Mexico during which we had no cell phone nor internet communications. Luckily, we were able to see the Super Bowl!

I will get back to posting regularly  but first a brief reminder.

The last few posts before the trip dealt with the notion that perhaps the Stacey Burns murder case will be solved by the eighth anniversary of that horrible crime.  Also mentioned was the idea that maybe a demonstration (or the threat of one) on that eighth anniversary might provide an incentive for the police to solve it.

We are eighty nine days away. Our little countdown began on January 13, one hundred and sixteen days from that anniversary. Is the crime any closer to being solved than it was twenty eight days ago? Is this a fair question?

Is anyone seeing signs of a burgeoning protest forming on May 10, 2017? If so, please let me know so it can be announced on this blog.

Later . . .


ps- Every experience and interaction we had with a wide variety of the people of Mexico in three different ports of call was warm, friendly, and cordial.